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Tambour Horizon


To celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the iconic Louis Vuitton Tambour watch case, BDS decided to take it even further.

By morphing the existing shape from convex to concave whilst playing with subtle branding and a luxurious finish, we created a new design which is both sensual and playful but at the same time sophisticated and unique. This design was then used to create a new family of mechanical watches as well as the first truly luxury smartwatch, the Tambour Horizon. The Horizon features a unique element of innovation which is an industry first: a physical 24 hour GMT ring which surrounds the display is referenced to at all times by a digital interface which sits within. This allows the watch to be both branded and recognisable when off.

This hybrid digital-to-physical link is then also empowered by the idea of visualising your day at a glance using technology to feed information within a defined framework of 24 hours. This innovative feature together with the proprietary flight tracking function, inspired by the brands’ own travel heritage, makes this object the modern “compass” to navigate life. The seame detailing that went into creating the perfect shape was also applied to each and every watch face we designed for the Horizon.

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